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Why is my skin dehydrated?

Why is my skin dehydrated? What leads to dry skin? Dry skin can be accentuated by dehydration. We become dehydrated when we don’t take enough fluids. Additionally, liquids such as coffee, soda, alcohol, beer, wine can accelerate dehydration. On top of that, low humidity can also lead to dry skin. You may experience low humidity by the year’s season or our geographic location, usually a combination of both.

Why is my skin dehydrated? Causes of dehydrated skin.

The weather outside may be dry. But when it’s cold, we turn up the heat inside, which takes the moisture right out of your skin. More than just cosmetic dry skin can increase your risks for infections from bacteria, viruses s, and fungus.

Over-washing can cause dry, Fire dehydrated skin. Be sure to use a gentle cleanser free from sulfates and not over-cleanse, removing needed oils from your skin.

Why is my skin dehydrated? What can be done to remedy dehydrated skin?

Drink water. Drink more water. Get yourself a water bottle you love and fill it regularly. Try to take in a few extra sips all day long. Be mindful that if you’re going to have alcohol, try to drink one glass of water for every drink or cocktail you consume, or better yet, just drink water.

Then be sure to add a daily moisturizer to your skincare routine. It doesn’t have to be over the top. Pick a moisturizer suited for your skin type that doesn’t irritate your skin. Hyaluronic acid is the recommended ingredient for keeping skin hydrated.

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