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What to do if you have oily skin

That pesky oil is not fun to deal with but it’s there to protect and hydrate your skin.  Sebum is produced by your sebaceous glands and too much oil is what happens when those glands work overtime. Too much oil can be a bad thing when it leads to clogged pores and acne.  If you have oily skin, your skin type is oily, and that’s okay.  Just remember to follow a skincare regimen that is appropriate for your skin type.  When you stick to a skin care routine that works for your skin type you can enjoy a healthy radiant complexion.  Our skin changes with the weather, with the seasons, and humidity matters.  Pay attention to how your skin looks and feels during different seasons or weather patterns.  It’s okay to use different products for different seasons.

How do you know if you are an oily skin type?

  • You have greasy or shiny skin
  • You have large pores
  • You have clogged pores and blackheads
  • You have ongoing acne


Don’t overdo it, keeping the oil at bay by washing your face twice a day is a good thing.  Stripping your skin completely by over washing is not. You might find your skin changes day by day.  Don’t wash it to death, don’t use overly harsh products.  Make sure your skin always has an adequate amount of moisture.  Love glycolic and your skin can handle it daily. Great.  Maybe your skin is both oily and sensitive and you can only use glycolic once or twice a week.  Take it slow and build up to what your skin can handle.  If you exercise go ahead and give your skin a good wash post workout. 


Treat yourself to some good exfoliation. You can exfoliate with a physical exfoliant such as a product that scrubs with gentle scrubbing jojoba beads, or a nice sugar, or coffee scrub. You can also exfoliate with a chemical or fruit-based cream exfoliant that will naturally breakdown dead dull skin cells exposing fresh new more radiant and shine free skin. Be gentle whatever you decide.  Start small with a test patch and no more than once a week for someone who hasn’t exfoliated regularly in the past.


Finding the right toner is everything.  Toners help treat acne and bring your skin back to the ideal pH before applying serums and moisturizers.  Washing can take a lot out of your skin, toning with a toner or astringent helps put your skin back to even. If you also have acne, try a toner with salicylic acid.


Serums are magical for being a great ingredient delivery agent.  Serums really pack a punch of ingredients sometimes without adding moisture.  Some serums also add moisture and with a moisturizing serum you might find you don’t need an additional moisturizer.  Choose a serum appropriate for your skin concerns.  A glycolic or alpha hydroxy acid & beta hydroxy acid AHA/BHA serum is ideal for an oily skin type. 


A sunscreen moisturizer might be just the key for your oily skin.  Sunscreens containing Zinc cut the grease with ease and might even help clear up your acne.  Using a moisturizer will help your skin not feel like it needs to over produce oil.  Choose a moisturizer with Retinol, or Glycolic acid if you skin will tolerate it.  If not choose a mild light peptide facial lotion that won’t feel too heavy.


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