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Sunscreen in the Winter

Many people think that sunscreen is only important during the summer months. However, wearing sunscreen is just as important during the winter as it is during the summer. There are several ways you will be able to benefit by wearing sunscreen during the cold months that will keep you skin beautiful and healthy year-round.

Here are a few extra reasons to make sunscreen part of your daily skincare routine.

  • Your skin can burn even in the winter.

Did you know you can still get a sunburn in the winter months? In fact, since the sun is closer to Earth during the winter, you’re at an even greater risk of sunburn during these colder months. Remember ice and snow reflect sunlight and increase the suns power.

Do good for your skin and remember to use a daily moisturizer with sunscreen like Advanced Protection SPF 30

  • Exposure to UVB can cause cancer.

To decrease your risk of skin cancers and skin precancers.

Regular daily use of SPF 15 sunscreen can reduce your risk of developing squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) by about 40 percent, and lower your melanoma risk by 50 percent. (Cancer Prevention, 2020)

  • Sunscreen helps skin stay youthful

Sunscreen is the number one tool in your anti-aging arsenal. Most wrinkles are caused by sun exposure. The sun’s ultraviolet light can cause major damage to the skin. The outer layer of the skin has cells that contain the pigment melanin. Melanin protects the skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. These can burn the skin and reduce its elasticity, leading to premature aging. (Suns’ Effect on the Skin, 2020)